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LeapSonic™: Heard. Not Seen.™

The LeapSonic resonating speaker was simply made to impress!

LeapSonic products turn virtually any solid surface into a speaker. No need for unsightly speaker boxes or grills. These invisible speakers set the standard for home audio, hospitality, and retail space. Click here to find out more about our products.

LeapSonic Invisible Sound System

10 Things that are Costing Your Hotel Money

The LeapSonic resonating speaker is invisibile, vandalism-free, robust, and maintenance free. Unlike docking station radios, which often break and are sometimes taken by hotel guests, LeapSonic Sound System is hidden and out of reach from the hotel guests. The LeapSonic Sound System is damage-free and requires no maintenance. Click here to save more!

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LeapSonic's Sound System for the Hopsitality Trade

10 Reasons to Choose Leapsonic:

  1. Invisible
    Recently, hospitality lighting design has moved away from decorative lights to hidden lighting concepts; sound systems are now required to move in this direction as well.
  2. Vandalism-free
  3. Unlike docking stereos, which are constantly broken, the LeapSonic Sound System won't be damaged by hotel guests--it's hidden and out of reach from hotel guests.
  4. Robust and Maintenance-free
    The sound activator passes a 3-meter drop test. Plus, each unit comes with a 3-year product warranty when purchased from LeapSonic. The product has NO moving parts – completely solid state – which allows a long lifespan and virtually guarantees no damage by hotel guests. These units require no cleaning, unilike free-hanging speakers, which collect dust.
  5. Green
    All of the material in the sound activator is completely recyclable.
  6. Moisture and Water Resistant
    Sound actuators are IP55 rated. This means they not affected by bathroom moisture or backwash. The LeapSonic Sound System is ideal for bathroom, shower booth, vanity cabinet, bathroom mirror & bathtub applications.
  7. Architectural Integrity
    The LeapSonic Sound System is invisible, so it doesn't detract from the guestroom interior design features.
  8. Easy Installation
    The LeapSonic Sound System is easy to install, which is ideal for renovation projects. It takes between 30-60 minute to install, and it can be installed by any regular hotel staff on many types of surfaces. Installing the LeapSonic Sound System does not require electricians or specialists, and there's no wiring required by union labor. Thus, there's no revenue loss due to installation work!
  9. Dynamic, Surround-Sound Quality
    Traditional speakers have a narrow field of sound. The LeapSonic Sound System, though, produces a rich, even spread of sound by vibrating hte whole surface of a material.
  10. 10 Cents per Night Investment
    The LeapSonic Sound System costs less than 10 pennies a room night! Ideal for any 3.5 to 6-star hotel and long-term stay residence.
  11. The Wow! Factor
    A simple and inexpensive way to IMMEDIATELY differentiate from the competitor's hotel brands. Already proven that repeat guests ask for rooms with the LeapSonic system!

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