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LeapSonic™: Heard. Not Seen.™

The LeapSonic resonating speaker was simply made to impress!

LeapSonic products turn virtually any solid surface into a speaker. No need for unsightly speaker boxes or grills. These invisible speakers set the standard for home audio, hospitality, and retail space. Click here to find out more about our products.

LeapSonic Invisible Sound System

10 Things that are Costing Your Hotel Money

The LeapSonic resonating speaker is invisibile, vandalism-free, robust, and maintenance free. Unlike docking station radios, which often break and are sometimes taken by hotel guests, LeapSonic Sound System is hidden and out of reach from the hotel guests. The LeapSonic Sound System is damage-free and requires no maintenance. Click here to save more!

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Our Partners

LeapSonic has teamed up with Home, Bath, and Hospitality Leader -- Fairmont Designs.

LeapSonic and Fairmont Designs have partnered to bring the newest technology in hidden 360 degree immersive sound to the hospitality scene. LeapSonic sound actuator has an extraordinary inner core that drives powerful and focused sound waves into the furniture surface on which it is placed, causing the surface itself to vibrate and act as a powerful speaker. LeapSonic and Fairmont enhance the guest experience by allowing visitors to use their own music source (iPod, mobile phone, MP3 player) and to gain the "WOW!" factor that hospitality brands aim to provide (See PDF.)

  • Easy to install, plug and play, vibration speakers create a surround sound with dynamic music range emanating from a solid surface.
  • Hotels can rent music players or provide music from a TV source. Represents a value add to short or long term stay brands.
  • Variety of installation opportunities (headboards, desks, end tables, vanities, coffee tables, etc.)
  • Our system revolutionizes the way guests listen to music or watch movies with a rich sound enhanced by soft vibrations, allowing you to actually feel the music.