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LeapSonic™: Heard. Not Seen.™

The LeapSonic resonating speaker was simply made to impress!

LeapSonic products turn virtually any solid surface into a speaker. No need for unsightly speaker boxes or grills. These invisible speakers set the standard for home audio, hospitality, and retail space. Click here to find out more about our products.

LeapSonic Invisible Sound System

10 Things that are Costing Your Hotel Money

The LeapSonic resonating speaker is invisibile, vandalism-free, robust, and maintenance free. Unlike docking station radios, which often break and are sometimes taken by hotel guests, LeapSonic Sound System is hidden and out of reach from the hotel guests. The LeapSonic Sound System is damage-free and requires no maintenance. Click here to save more!

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Our Products - L4-20w Actuators

image1 model L4-20w actuator
3"L x 1.75"W x 1"D uses small cigarette pack sized 20w amp




A small, smart metal drive attaches to resonant material--like glass, wood, or metal--to transform the surface into a high quality, invisible speaker. The small LeapSonic sound actuators allow for hidden installations, and variable weight units are available for use in different applications.

Speak to your LeapSonic sales professional for advice on your particular application.