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LeapSonic™: Heard. Not Seen.™

The LeapSonic resonating speaker was simply made to impress!

LeapSonic products turn virtually any solid surface into a speaker. No need for unsightly speaker boxes or grills. These invisible speakers set the standard for home audio, hospitality, and retail space. Click here to find out more about our products.

LeapSonic Invisible Sound System

10 Things that are Costing Your Hotel Money

The LeapSonic resonating speaker is invisibile, vandalism-free, robust, and maintenance free. Unlike docking station radios, which often break and are sometimes taken by hotel guests, LeapSonic Sound System is hidden and out of reach from the hotel guests. The LeapSonic Sound System is damage-free and requires no maintenance. Click here to save more!

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L0105 Actuator and Amplifier FAQs

  1. Why can't I move the actuator once it is placed with the double-sided tape?
    Once the actuator is adhered to a surface with double-sided tape, it is permanent. Trying to pull off/ remove the actuator from the surface or removing the subject tape will damage the sensitive actuator.
  2. Can I use my own amplifier?
  3. No. The 30W amplifier is specially designed for the subject actuators. Using a different actuator will undermine our warranty and possibly damage the actuator.
  4. I am not able to connect to my Bluetooth. What should I do?
    Please reset the amplifier by turning the on/off switch, off and then back on. When you see the flashing blue light go on, go into to your host settings, turn on your Bluetooth, and wait until "Leapsonic" appears on your Jody's monitor. Then click "pair". You are connected to Bluetooth when the blue light on the amplifier stops flashing and "connected" appears on your host's screen. Now you can play your music.
  5. What if I don't want to use Bluetooth?
    The LeapSonic device comes with an audio cable that allows you to wire your host directly to the amplifier. Please plug in one end of the audio cable to the pin hole at the back of the amplifier and the other end into your earphone jack on your host.
  6. Should I shut off the amp when not in use?
    It's not necessary. Just like a clock radio, the amplifier can be left on 24/7. It does not generate any heat and runs at low wattage during inactivity.
  7. Will moisture or water damage my amplifier or actuator?
    Yes. As with any electronic device, water and high moisture will damage the product. We recommend that you keep the amplifier off the bathroom floor, off a vanity's bottom shelf, and away from the sink. Please attach the amplifier under a shelf of the vanity with the double-sided tape.
  8. What is the warranty policy?
    One year for manufacturer defects. See installation sheet for full warranty and return instructions.
  9. Can I attach my amplifier upside down?
    Yes. Use either double-sided tape provided or use small wood screws, if necessary.
  10. How do I reset my amplifier or reset the amplifier for use with a different host?
    See item 3 above.
  11. Can I use more than one actuator with my amplifier?
    Yes. You can use up to 2 actuators with your amplifier.

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